How to Build Your Brand, Create Buzz, Monetize Your Advice & Market Better: Mike Koenigs Featured


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Are you looking for advice, tips and ideas on how to build your brand, create buzz, monetize your advice, find better ways to market yourself and leverage powerful marketing technology to automate your business?

That's exactly what I'll share in this video presentation I made at the Expert's Industry Association.

In it, I answer the following questions that will help you grow your business and brand online:

- What's the best thing you ever did to build your brand and business?
- How are you monetizing your advice?
- Where does most of your income come from?
- What's the best thing you're doing in marketing right now?
- What 5 tips do you have for having a great career as an expert/advice guru?

In the presentation, I mention a PDF giveaway, videos and additional resources to help you grow your business.

You can get them right now by texting your email address to (858) 346-7300 or by visiting

I'll also invite you to join me for a special training video livecast and show you how to do some of the things I talk about in this video - and how you can put your message into the pockets of virtually anyone in the world with a smartphone.

The link to register for the free podcast training is right here:

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